Benefits Of Mobile

No More Car Sickness

Just imagine being able to get your cat or dog groomed without having to put them (or yourself) through the stress of a car ride! No more having to pay for an expensive groom and then having your pet getting sick all over themselves on the way home! So no more scrubbing the pee, poop, and/or vomit out of the upholstery in your back seat – just a freshly groomed pet ready for your adoration. That’s what we call a win-win situation!

Stay Close To Home

Pets with separation anxiety do much better when they know they’re close to home. Because they are the only pet being worked on, the appointment takes less time and they’re back with mom or dad before they know it! They’re also being groomed in a quiet, calm environment by the same person every time. With each appointment they’ll become more and more comfortable with being groomed. Add in a regular grooming schedule, and mobile grooming is a recipe for success with any kind of anxious dog.

We Make Your Life Easier!

You’re busy, you’re tired, you’ve got a newborn, you’ve got teenagers, your car’s in the shop, you don’t have a car, Newfoundland weather (need we say more), construction on the Outer Ring, potholes everywhere – there are a thousand reasons to avoid having to transport your pet back and forth to the groomer. We will come to you! You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. Just hand us your pet, go back to bed and we’ll let you know when we’re done.

Perfect For Dog-Aggressive And Fearful Pets

Taking an aggressive or fearful pet to a regular grooming salon is stressful! You stand in the waiting area praying no one else comes in, or you have to come in at weird hours to try and avoid interactions with other animals. Maybe you end up just avoiding salons all together. The stress and hassle is just too much. Fear and aggression are non-issues for mobile grooming. It’s just your groomer, your pet, and a quiet safe place. We can even play soothing ocean noises or Enya for them if you want. Can you feel the peace washing over you as we wash the love into your pet? We can accept pets on mild sedatives prescribed by the vet and administered by the owner, but ask that for the first appointment we try to go au naturel.

Cater To Mobility Issues

If you’ve got an older pet or a pet with a physical disability, the less they have to travel and move around the better. Larger dogs don’t have to jump in or out of the car (and you don’t have to put out your back helping them). They just have to walk up the side ramp and into the mobile salon. Our table lowers right down to the floor and we offer exclusive and specialized treatments for pets with arthritis and joint pain. 

Professional, Experienced Groomer

My name is Laura and I have been a groomer for  almost a decade. I’ve worked in Ottawa, Toronto, and now call CBS home – and I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve groomed thousands of dogs and cats and love each and every one of them! I’ve been bitten, pooped on, peed on and licked up the nose more times than I can count and I keep coming back for more. It’s all about care, compassion and continuing education. I’m currently working on becoming Newfoundland’s first Certified Feline Master Groomer and am always up for attending grooming seminars and dog shows to learn new techniques and make sure I’m up-to-date with the best tools, equipment, and products for my furry clients.


“I was fortunate to work with Laura for a year at a pet salon and learned so much from her.
Whether it’s a dog or cat, Laura is amazing with all animals, and has even volunteered her time to
help groom animals at local shelters.”

Manda X.

“I had the pleasure of working with Laura for 5 years. She is passionate about grooming
and treats every single dog as if it were her own.”

Julie S.

“I worked with Laura a few years ago and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing she is.
Her dedication to animals and her clients is unmatched. She always had such patience and understanding with the dogs
she would groom. Her kindness and professionalism was matched by no other while I was her coworker.”

Shyla S.